What (Really) Goes Into Excellent Customer Service From These Top 7 Companies

What (Really) Goes Into Excellent Customer Service From These Top 7 Companies

What goes into excellent customer service? To answer it, we've put together a list of 7 companies that still believe in offering excellent customer service.

Customers don't tolerate disrespect from the staff and the company in general. In the fierce competition, the most popular companies are constantly forced to be loved by their target customers to avoid being excluded from the race for advantage and profit.

Modern people find value in many things, and this is especially evident in the field of service. For example, in 2013, an unsatisfied client bought a tweet ad to grab the attention of British Airways and its 76,000 Twitter users. Good service certainly makes a business more profitable and makes it easier for buyers to return to their preferred service provider.

Some companies consistently offer excellent customer service. So, what company has the best customer service? This list below includes established and respected companies in the global market.

Companies with the best customer service

Customer loyalty helps survive financial crises and difficult times in the company's history. Customers will prefer a more promoted brand when choosing from several products with similar characteristics. Regular consumers are ready to put up with some unsuccessful products, knowing their favorite company will definitely please them next time.

In the modern world, the experience of people interacting with a brand and level of service comes first. Therefore, it is more important than the product itself. According to Gartner’s research, 89% of companies will soon compete based on customer experience alone. But some brands have worked like that and already got benefits from this.


Netflix team scientifically figured out what their customers liked.

Netflix, a well-known American entertainment company, was founded in 1997. A couple of years ago, streaming multimedia services were considered exotic. But thanks to this company, the Internet has intercepted a significant share of customers from cinemas and partially traditional television. 

Clear rules and affordable subscription fees helped develop a highly successful business. Moreover, the company shoots its films and series, which are not inferior in quality to the big cinema. In 2020, Netflix received 24 Oscar nominations.

The Netflix team scientifically figured out what their customers liked. They generated hypotheses based on available data, conducted qualitative research, and ran split tests for each idea. That's how Netflix leaders built a deep understanding of customers based on data from thousands of experiments.

To date, annual sales have exceeded $8.8 billion. Netflix has millions of loyal fans. The company is focused on non-standard but, at the same time, high-quality services. 

According to Brent Wickens, VP of Customer Support, Netflix encourages its support staff to be natural and not set boundaries. For example, if someone wants to cancel a subscription, agents don't try to force the opposite. Also, employees can joke and communicate on behalf of a fictional character. 


This American multinational corporation markets and manufactures electronic devices and technologies such as personal computers and software. It is best known for iPod, iPad, and iPhone products. 

Apple is the "child" of Steve Jobs, the man who embodies great customer service. Tim Cook continues his legacy and does everything to maintain customer loyalty. As a result, it is one of the top companies for customer service, loved by millions of people. 

Apple also has a personal support portal where you can search for all Apple products and get support for all items you have ever purchased. Although many say iPhones are no longer the most productive, they are inferior in performance to Korean and some Japanese gadgets. 

However, Apple is still the most successful brand and the richest company, thanks to an army of fans of high-tech products. The customer satisfaction index is 33.8%. 

Buying, opening, and using an Apple product is an unforgettable experience for customers that makes them happy. In order to effectively manage its whole chain of businesses, the corporation pays special attention to the input it receives through NPS surveys.

As a result of the success, Apple has created a good ROI and increased sales. Additionally, involving every staff in the NPS program enhanced team trust and led to excellent customer satisfaction.


Samsung continues to contribute to a smarter world with Samsung Customer Service

The attendance statistics at Samsung stores worldwide are more than 1 million people daily. That's 365 million visitors a year. Why do so many people visit the Samsung store? The secret is in every brand client's experience and service standards.

Samsung is one of the largest electronic device manufacturers that manufactures smartphones and has a huge collection of other products worldwide. 

Samsung continues to contribute to a smarter world with Samsung Customer Service. Since customers are of the utmost importance to the company, the service team strives to provide them with the best-in-class services.

One of my friends from Wow24-7 is a well-known customer service outsourcing company that greatly influences South Korea's economic development, politics, media, and culture. 

He further said, “Samsung played an important role in the "Miracle on the Han River" phenomenon (the transformation of South Korea, which was an agricultural nation and was in a civil war, into a prosperous high-tech nation in just 50 years). In 2017, Samsung's consumer satisfaction index was 36.5%.”


Zappos is an online retailer and one of the companies with great customer service. However, Zappos doesn't follow generally accepted ideas for building a business. For example, they don't hire people as other brands do, they don't treat culture as someone else, and they make a different profit than others. 

It has done many groundbreaking things that have made customers happy. The company has surpassed Amazon to become the most customer-centric company on the Internet. They understand that culture is paramount to providing the best customer service. It is a priority for the whole company, not just the departments.

The customer philosophy of Zappos is free shipping as often as you like for round-trip transactions, a 365-day return policy if you are not satisfied with the product, and conveying the local culture and individuality as an experience by not outsourcing customer service. 

Zappos has opened its headquarters in Las Vegas to the public. As a result, people studying corporate culture come to Zappos offices to see how the company works. 


Free shipping on all orders, automatic returns, and price guarantees – it's easy to understand why Amazon is the best customer service. Every customer service review guide has an example from Amazon. 

Amazon is an e-commerce portal site where you can buy various products. When the pandemic broke out in 2020, companies realized their customers had to rely on them and the safety of transactions. Therefore, companies had to take proactive and innovative measures to provide excellent customer service.

To make the buyer's journey easier, Amazon has compiled frequent questions about shipping, returns, and other questions to help customers shop confidently in uncertain times. In addition, they have created a separate FAQ page. All the information about the crisis and how Amazon worked during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Amazon has done a great job creating an intuitive interface that is easy for everyone. Their products are an important part of the satisfied consumer experience.


 Disney and its employees are always looking for ways to make their customers happy.

The Disney brand is among the ten most expensive brands in the world. Walt Disney was probably the first to practice what economists today call a new age of economics, the "impression economy." There are few elements to sell your product or service, and your competitors do the same. 

It is a giant media corporation that has franchises for cartoons beloved since childhood. The company, in particular, owns Star Wars, Pixar, Marvel, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and other brands. It also owns a vast film industry, the related retail and advertising business, the ABC broadcasting company, two large water parks, and 11 amusement parks – Disneyland.

Today, the winners are those whose products and services provide their customers with an unforgettable experience. Disney is one of the companies known for great customer service. 

You can see that Disney and its employees are always looking for ways to make their customers happy. Therefore, they refer to customers as "guests" and treat them with the utmost respect. 

Disney shows that hiring the right people is the key to guest satisfaction. So they hire friendly and passionate staff to provide a pleasant experience.


The average customer visits Starbucks about six times a month, while the most loyal customers visit Starbucks 16 times. In addition to delicious products and a warm atmosphere, Starbucks always offers good customer service. 

The coffee giant is known for its excellent customer service. Setting service standards and training staff to meet them is not the only way to achieve greatness. The key feature is that promoting a service culture encourages employees to contribute ideas. The right strategy of the company helped it to gain worldwide recognition.

Reward programs are their trump card. Clients want to get free drinks or points that they can redeem for free rewards and products. Starbucks also uses gift cards and customer visits for charity to make customers feel part of something great.

Starbucks has carefully implemented effective systems and processes that include touch points such as initial greetings, atmosphere, product demonstrations, baristas, and service to ensure that the company understands the customer service experience. From start to finish, they strive to ensure customers' complete satisfaction.


The best companies are constantly developing new customer service models to get more recognition for their services than for their products. If every company intended to be on this list, it would pave the way for a great customer experience.

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