Instagram Marketing: Why Your Small Business Needs​ Instagram Automation Tools to Scale

/ April 13, 2019 | 6 Mins Read

Instagram Marketing: Why Your Small Business Needs​ Instagram Automation Tools to Scale

Instagram has become a goldmine for Small business, marketers, influencers as well as brands, and to get the maximum benefit of Instagram marketing you should use tools that will facilitate your activities.

Are you looking for the best way to manage your Instagram marketing activities more effectively? Have you taken into consideration the use of Instagram automation tools to help you simplify your work processes more intelligently?

Using the right Instagram tools for your marketing endeavors can help you improve your Instagram marketing strategy, present a professional brand image, and increase your return on investment (ROI).

Interestingly, Instagram is one of the best social media marketing platforms where you can market your business efficiently. But as you may already know, the competition is intense, which means you need to regularly create and post compelling content that will connect with your target audience and potential customers.

There are several automation tools you can use to boost your Instagram marketing efforts, and one of these Instagram bots is Instazood. This tool will help you manage your Instagram marketing operations effectively and grow your business many folds.

1. Why Instagram Bot Is Good for Your Business

As mentioned earlier, the Instagram marketplace is too competitive, and no marketer wants to be left behind. In view of this, performing your task manually is time-consuming, and can be overwhelming.

That is why you need Instagram bots since they’re fast and more effective. For instance, part of your Instagram marketing strategy is to be active on the platform and interact with your followers and potential customers to understand how you can serve them better.

Instazood will help you to remain active with its content scheduling capability, meaning that you can conveniently schedule content in advance for posting at the best time when your followers are online to engage with your photos.

Nevertheless, you should not use any Instagram automation tool in the market. You have to identify the best ones for your marketing campaigns.

In addition, you cannot possibly spend hours on ends on your followers' Instagram feeds trying to pinpoint the most engaging content. It is not good business ethics, but with an Instagram bot, you can facilitate the process.

That is where Instazood comes in. The tool can make your work easier, faster,and more efficient. How? To answer that question, let us consider the features of this tool.

2. Features Of Instazood

Features Of Instazood

This Instagram bot has exciting service features as you can see from the dropdown menu on the screenshot.

Considering this, let us define each of these features:

Instagram Bot

The bot is designed to automate your marketing activities on the site. You can program the tool to carry out different tasks, such as:

  • Comment on users posts
  • Follow relevant profiles base on hashtags and other targets
  • Identify and unfollow non-followers
  • Send direct messages (DM)
  • Like other users posts
  • Etc.

These actions enable you to be active and regular on Instagram, which will aid you to boost your brand credibility. It will also save you time and money, and moreover, extend your reach to a broader audience.

Scheduled Posts Feature

The schedule feature lets you plan your posts in advance and at the right time when your target market is online to interact with your content. The Instazood’s scheduler also allows you to buy post likes while scheduling content.

You don’t have to go back and forth from the scheduler to your dashboard. As a consequence, these tactics will assist you with the following benefits:

  • Grow your followers faster
  • Increase engagement on the platform
  • Generate more leads
  • Improve sales
  • Be active and consistent, which is a good business practice for building trust with your target buyer

Comments Tracker

The comments tracker/manager would leave comments on users posts to encourage new follows and engagement on your profile. The name is fitting because the software - comment tracker will find all remarks on your posts, including criticisms.

It is up to you to delete them or assign the task to Instazood. I love that it allows you to manage all comments efficiently from one spot.

Auto Direct Messages (DMs)

This feature allows you to program the Instagram bot to send direct messages (DMs) to all your followers concurrently. You can, for example, automate the tool to send personalized direct messages to new followers or all existing supporters.

With this feature, you can as well notify your audience about:

  • Special offers
  • Coupon codes
  • Special events
  • Discounted merchandise
  • New stocks
  • Etc.

Thus, it does more than following people but also helps you grow your small business quickly.

3. How Does Instazood Work?

This Instagram bot works by correlating with closely related accounts on the bases of four criterions which are also known as promotions.

They are:

  2. Locations
  3. Hashtags, and
  4. Targets

But, before you start using this tool, you must signup and create your Instazood account. Notwithstanding, creating your account is easy.

Open the software and click the signup button at the top far right corner of the page and register a three days free account. But note that when the three days expires you will be required to make payment before you can continue using the tool.

Once registered, you will have to add your Instagram account information to make it accessible to Inatazood. After that, you will need to login to your Instagram profile from your mobile device to confirm your account and re-login to Instazood.

*Important* Please, read Instazood’s advice for how to use the Instagram bot safely and not get penalized by Instagram.

4. Adding Targets

When you confirm your Instagram profile, you can start adding Targets to let the tool initiate engagement with your intended followers. Strangely enough, since the tool works according to specified goals or intent, if you do not add Targets, the apparatus will not perform any task.

The goals you set or choose for Instazood will enable the tool to follow the right people.

Therefore, click the “Add Target” button to activate a new window, where you will insert vital information that will allow Instazood to work correctly.

Adding Targets

Once you activate the pop-up window, the first area to fill up is the Followers. Click the “Followers” tab to open it and start typing the usernames of competitors’ accounts whose followers would be interested in your posts and follow you.

Next up is Location. The location is the area or destinations where you would like to acquire new followers. So, choose your desired positions and fill them up accordingly. Then, click the “Add Targets" button again to input your desired “Hashtags.”

The hashtags let you obtain followers from two categories, such as Hashtags by the post owner and Hashtags by post commenters. When you are through with these steps, you will see your campaigns on your Instazood dashboard.

However, take note that the Instagram bot will follow accounts based on the targets you add. Because of this, make sure you add goals that would direct the tool to your ideal audience.

5. Instazood Settings

The settings section comes with several features, but I want to hit on the “Default Setting” for following and unfollowing because resetting it to enhance the limit can put you in Instagrams black book.

Instazood is set to follow a maximum of 50 people per hour and 700 per day. On the other hand, it is programmed to unfollow 50 followers an hour and 700 per day. It also has a default setting for comments as well.

It would be best to work with these numbers for the time before you consider to increase them, the reason being that Instagram has suspended some users accounts for suspicious activities on the platform.

6. Instazood Pricing

The prices for using the Instagram bot are reasonable enough and I believe they are the cheapest in the marketplace. For instance, with less than $10 a month, you can grow your Instagram followers and business significantly.

Instazood Pricing

However, if you are not ready for a 30 days test drive, you can choose 15 days or even a seven days plan.

Wrapping It Up:

This automation tool is useful for your Instagram marketing strategy because it will enable you to manage your account, monitor your target competitors, and draw their followers to your business.

There is no better way to beat your competition than to entice already established customers to your brand. The Instagram bot will help you accomplish that, and also save you time and money because it is cost-effective.

With that said, which automation tools are you using to streamline your Instagram marketing activities and scale your business? We would like to know your thoughts in the comments section.

Moss Clement is a freelance blogger and content marketing manager at Writers Per Hour. He is working closely with B2B marketers and individuals like you to grow your business by delivering highly informative content that is tailored to the needs of your buyer persona. Connect with him on Twitter & LinkedIn.

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