Boost your Sales with Exit Popups in 4 Easy Steps

/ July 22, 2020 | 6 Mins Read

Boost your Sales with Exit Popups in 4 Easy Steps

Looking for ways to get new customers, attract more visitors and drive them to the end of your conversion funnel, exit-intent popups are the not-so-secret weapon. Know the 4 easy exit popup hacks that will substantially grow your subscribers, and your revenue.

Browse the internet now and you might stumble upon articles about people who say they do not like popups.

Although that might be a fact, when done correctly, pop ups (specifically exit popups that appear before you exit a page) literally add a lot of value both to the website and its visitors because they offer a unique user experience no other digital channels can.

That's why exit popups are still pretty much everywhere and are quite inevitable. 

In this article, we'll discuss some of the best ways to make the most out of your popup strategies to win customers and boost sales!

Why do websites use exit popups?

There are a lot of successful case studies about how exit pop-ups can lower lead costs, boost conversion rate, and skyrocket revenue. For instance, a case study by Neuro Web Marketing proves that these can increase sales by 41.9% and conversions by 21.94%, while some companies have experienced as high as 100% and more.

An exit pop-up, through the use of exit-intent technology, remains one of the most effective ways to convert visitors into paying customers. It's also an efficient tool to directly address the issues of increasing bounce rates, leading to customer acquisition and retention.

This exit-intent technology gives you the ability to track mouse movements of website visitors and detect when a visitor is about to leave the site without leaving his/her information or buying anything, this is specially designed to reduce cart abandonment. This works by showing an exit pop-up or a widget once the cursor of the visitor leaves the frame of the site.

Since customers leave websites for many reasons, with bounce rates that reach up to 90% in some industries (which sadly impacts your sales), now is the perfect time to implement your exit pop-ups on your website with these 4 easy steps!

1. Choose a user-friendly popup builder

user-friendly popup
Source: Freepik

There are a number of really good pop up builders that you can choose from to help you create beautiful exit pop-ups that are attention-grabbing. There are even those that provide a user-friendly interface, allow you to create pop-ups in a matter of minutes, and customize pre-made templates according to your brand - all without any coding skills required. 

While these offer a multitude of advanced and unique features from customization to analytics, the important elements not to miss out are targeting and trigger options. 

Targeting answers the question of where to exactly put your pop-up and whom to show it for better engagement. Some of the common ways to target visitors with pop-ups include URL targeting, device targeting, geo-location, IP blocklists, days and hours, new vs. returning visitors, traffic source, and many others.

Triggers are behaviors and actions that are taken by the visitor which would allow the pop-up to appear at the right time. Some of which are exit intent, show after a significant time spent on the website, percentage of scroll trigger, display after a certain number of pages visited, display after X clicks, and etc.

If you haven’t tried these for your pop-ups, I highly encourage you to look for a pop-up builder that has these amazing features to make the most out of your exit pop-up efforts.

2. Make exit pop-ups highly visual so visitors don’t have to read much

Since an exit pop-up is intended to make your visitors decide fast on something, it shouldn’t be too overloaded with words. The idea is to minimize the information that they need to process in just a short time.

Although this varies from brand to brand, generally, consider making your exit pop-up highly visual by adding related images or graphics that resonate with the main message that you want to convey. If you’re inviting visitors to your free financial consultation session, you might want to add a photo of a mother smiling with relief while looking at her list of bills as she talks with her consultant over the phone. 

This way, you can help your visitors visualize themselves within the scenario and may usher them to make a decision to engage with your brand as they’re enlightened by the solution that you provide.

Here are two examples of exit pop-ups:

exit pop-ups
Source: CrazyEgg

This pop-up makes use of texts only.

exit pop-ups
Source: Nielsen Norman Group

On the other hand, this one includes a related image, as if the website wants to convey how happy they would be while giving you a live demo of their product.

3. It’s all in the content (and CTA) after all!

Source: Agile CRM

Your exit pop-up contains your last battlecry before a potential customer entirely exits from your website. Make sure this counts!

As you study your audience persona and understand their buying patterns and habits, you’d have a clear insight into what you could best offer them in an effort to win them as customers.

Here are highly suggested steps to jumpstart your content development:

  • Create unique offers. To usher your visitors into the end of the sales funnel, decide what to put on your pop-up. For eCommerce, you can give free shipping, exclusive deals, coupon codes, or even upsell by offering additional items at a discounted price. If you’re offering services, consider giving away free live demos, downloadable contents, access to webinars, and many others. 
  • Focus on benefits. Exit pop-ups are designed to make your visitors go back and take a second glance at your product. This is the perfect opportunity to let them realize what they might miss out on if they leave your page.
  • Write a clear call to action. What are you really trying to say? What step do you want your customers to take? What do they need to decide upon? The message in your CTA has to be very clear and provides no room for confusion. Also, this should stand out!

Basically, people want to feel appreciated. By offering something that’s relevant to them, you can make your visitors feel important which might impact your business positively in the long run and improve your sales.

4. Test, test, and test!

Test, test, and test!

As I’m sure some might not achieve maximum results yet at the very beginning of exit pop-up implementation, don’t worry because AB testing is here to help!

AB testing is an experiment where two or more variants of your pop-up are shown to users randomly, then analysis at the end of the test is used to determine which of the variants performs better to achieve a given goal. Marketing professionals shouldn’t forget this to add to their list of deliverables in their digital marketing proposal template as this is quite important.

This helps you to target your resources for maximum efficiency and definitely improves your efforts; from designs, CTAs, positioning, timing, and etc., until you reach your desired business results. In your implementation and analysis, don’t forget to factor in holidays and other external factors that have a direct impact on customers’ buying behavior. 

Wrap Up!

There might be some negative comments about pop-ups because of misuse, but overall, these will never equate to its promising effects in terms of boosting conversion and increasing sales. When done right, the results may even overwhelmingly surprise you!

To create one, start investing in the right pop-up builder that would work wonders for your pop-up strategies. It can help you big time especially if you’re not into coding. 

Visually appealing exit pop-ups can also guarantee you success as you connect with your audience through images/graphics that can lessen the time they need to process your message. Of course, your main content and CTA should be well-scrutinized and well-written based on your customer’s language and persona.

Take these steps to heart and you’re set to experience positive results! But, if you still see a delay in preferred outcomes, now’s the time to do AB testing and see for yourself what needs to be improved, nurtured, or removed. 

To further improve your business, you may also try some effective hacks for lead generation.

As you continue to use exit pop-ups, you’ll surely get a better grasp of how they work and what elements fit best as you thrive to achieve your business goals.

She serves as the Marketing Manager of Poptin. Her expertise as a content writer and marketer revolves around devising effective conversion strategies to grow businesses. When not working, she indulges herself with nature; creating once-in-a-lifetime adventures and connecting with people of all sorts.

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