Core Tenets to Boosting Facebook Ad Click Through Rates

/ September 19, 2019 | 3 Mins Read

Core Tenets to Boosting Facebook Ad Click Through Rates

Facebook Ads is rapidlyt becoming the go-to platform for paid ads. Creating an optimized Facebook Ad is one of the effortless ways to spend your marketing budget tactfully, lowering your CPA and leading to a positive ROI.

Most Facebook ad campaigns depend on your ability to get clicks. Of course, you want to keep your eye on things like conversions and ROI, but it is hard to gain traction in these other areas if your audience is not clicking on your ads.

This is why many digital marketing professionals view click-through rate (CTR) as such an important metric. If you have a campaign that is not meeting its goals and you see that the ads have a low CTR, it is the first issue you should look to address when planning your strategy. 

If you are having trouble increasing your CTR, paying attention to the following points should help you increase the number of clicks you get and make your Facebook ad campaigns more successful.

1. What is the objective?

Having success with an ad campaign starts with having a clear objective. When you know the objective of the ad, you should also know what you are trying to get people to do when they click on the ad. This will help you to create content that compels users to click through.

As an example, let’s say you are trying to get people to sign up for your email newsletter. When you create the ad, you want to make the value of signing up clear. When users can see the value of clicking on the ad, they will be more likely to do so. 

Facebook also offers a range of different types of ads that can be good for meeting different objectives. If your campaign is for lead generation, they have an ad format that is designed for that objective.

Along with that, they also offer ads to drive page likes, ads that can be good for promoting an offer, event response ads and more. These options can be useful, but you have to know your objective if you want to use them to your advantage.

2. Know Your Audience

Chances are your product or service is not for every user on Facebook. If you want to achieve the best results and get the highest CTR, you have to do what you can to target the audience that is most likely to engage with your ad. 

Facebook offers a range of options for targeting the right audience. Targeting by location and basic demographics can be a good place to start, but using detailed targeting is the best way to make sure you are zeroing in on the audience that will provide the best results.

By using options for interests and behaviors, you can target an audience that will have a higher probability of clicking through on your ads. 

A simple example is if you are trying to sell running shoes. Along with other targeting options, it only makes sense to target people who have running as an interest. Another example is if you are trying to get app installs. For those ads, you would want to target users who are using a phone or tablet.

3. Ad Design

With an objective and an audience, you need to create ads that will meet your objective and speak to your intended audience. When designing your ads, you should consider the role of everything from the headline to the CTA. Each component of the ad has a part to play in getting users to click on the ad.

Since the image is one of the first things people will see, you want it to be something that can catch their attention. After that, the headline is usually the first thing they read before considering the rest of the ad, so it needs to be something that will get people to pay attention to the rest of the content.

From there, things like body text and text in the image can then be used to explain the value of clicking through. 

4. Test Your Ads

The three above-mentioned points can help you start your ad campaigns, but the final element of increasing your CTR is to use split testing. With split testing, you can compare different versions of your ads to figure out the strategies and tactics that will offer the best performance.

As an example, you should test the same ad with different CTAs to see which one offers the best click-through rate. You could also test the same ads but with audiences that are similar but for the difference of one targeting option. You could also test different headlines, ad copy and images to find the combinations that perform best.

Author:  Ilan Nass

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