Why Your Blog Needs Networking Calls To Action

/ July 4, 2016 | 9 Mins Read

Why Your Blog Needs Networking Calls To Action

Typically when a person views a website they make a judgement about it. How this happens is either in our control or it isn't. If a person is going to network with you because of what you've done or what you were doing then you have done something right. If they had no way of doing this then you have done something wrong.

Being able to do this means you can seriously benefit by implementing networking calls to action in your blog. The same way people have to come up with an interpretation is the same way we want it to be the best. Either we are responsible for this or we are not.

why need networking

Let's be responsible.

We can do this directly and we can do this indirectly.

When we do this directly we say what we want, what we are looking for, and what we can do for someone who knows us.

I want you to network with me. Networking with each other would be mutually beneficial.

I have offers that webmasters might enjoy taking advantage of. Showing you a way to participate literally lets you decide whether or not to connect. I mean you have to if you want to take part.

I write about it. My content specifically begs you to reach towards me with your arms out. It calls for you. It says to you how about me as a person and how about you and I just being people together.

These are the direct attempts.

When we do this indirectly we bring up contexts that motivate attention towards thoughts of compatibility and collaboration. How strongly does this Brand, content, and person who is showing it to me all connect?

I am a webmaster who actively builds his website's authority and reputation. Like me, love me, need me.

I seek connections with other webmasters who are us two people who are smart enough to help each other benefit. If you can't see how this can happen then how can we even believe this is a possible and real thing? It is.

When you don't at least know why when someone tells you they must be great that they are not great then how can you know without doing your research? Now I expect you to at least want to take a look at my website. Even though you can very easily still see a part of me right here.

How Networking As A Call To Actions Works

  1. Keep yourself open with strong offering of value as the incentive for connecting with you.

Do you find it easy to use the flow of your website to turn people on your side?

Think about the flow your website offers to your audience.

Do you accept contributions or use stories, experience, and comments for references?

Think about how a portion of people you reference might feel more like supporting your website with backlinks.

Do you take part in any power groups that already network and always look for more people?

The more value you have accumulated for yourself certainly counts as potential to add to your offering. If you can work into the flow of your content the expectation that you are bringing in new meat to a strong and flourishing social group then you might find some really excited people to join you.

Is your website really stingy with supporting other websites when it doesn't need to be?

As long as you do your research you should be able to identify strong candidates for your approval when it comes to choosing networking partners when it comes time to decide whether or not to support them.

Do you have free resources or strong go to advice that might help out your new friends?

I encourage people to build lists of people that they can call their people. Essentially friends who keep each others interests in mind. Sometimes it can take 3 to 6 months before a person can find an open slot in their schedule and even their content plan to be able to work you into it.

In any case you want to come off as being valuable as long as your website is in service and realistically you want people to expect you will always be around. It hurts to think that working with a person who might disappear is a risk you might have to take but it's also easy to see who is performing strongly and who is less likely to be giving up.

Can you make a promise you expect to be able to keep about what you might become worth?

The less people you have under your belt the more you need to be able to promise in order for people to count you as worthy and worthwhile. If nobody knows you and you barely have a setup to mention proudly then you need to have some really strong points about yourself that make you stand our and show you are worth it.

Show people how you are making progress and let them know that you aren't giving up. Here I am contributing to another website for example to help expose myself to a greater audience and to provide more support for my brand and website.

Can you turn a person from a chump into a champion?

Here is the greatest offer you can give to a person and is also for the best people to become allies with. When your shear force of power allows for you to grow while another person grows with you then you can expect your allies to be worth it far before they become powerful. This is where it really gives you an advantage to sometimes pick and choose your underdogs to support and become friends with.

When other people are better off than you are this is sometimes what they have to offer so you might see this until you find yourself on the other end.

These are all worthwhile contemplations to have and prepare yourself around.

Sometimes building really good relationships not only take lots of time but also need to be able to take lots of time so you can't just go around trying to make friends if you are the type of person who is just going to disappear and those aren't the good kinds of friends to make either.

Can you picture all the methods you know to be able to put this into action?

One area we can focus on is visual elements, How to Create an Effective Visual Content Marketing Plan for Your Business teaches us more than many things we need to know about using graphics effectively for content marketing. Here is one example that will help develop your intuitions towards content mediums when taking into account how to integrate the right networking attempts into them.

  1. Target your audience for the types of people you want to connect with.

When the audience you are engaging with has the right qualities you want to have a way to identify this. One way you can do this is through identifying the purpose of the content you are trying to attract people from. What type of visitors do you have in the first place?

Only a portion of visitors are webmasters so some people feel odd about making a call to action just to webmasters in order to network but it very well is just fine to advertise that you actively are looking for people connections that are mutually beneficial.

Personally when I talk about forming relationships and finding opportunities on websites that a webmaster will think are worth looking into I bring up the offers that I might have so people can show me their interest or not. I do interviews, I advertise accepting interviews being done to me, I even make myself available for news coverage.

These are all ways that people can connect with you. One of the most common ways is to encourage visitors to comment on your work. This fails slightly in the it isn't accurately making the suggestion to connect with you and it isn't doing it for a reason. You need to add something extra.

First ask yourself what you might be looking for then ask your audience to give you that thing knowing they should potentially qualify to meet your standard for networking with you.

Some people just ask for their audience to drop them a line or to even share some personal experience. You could very easily ask people for their experience and at the same time give them the chance to submit a link to their website where you turn user experiences into content and make an effort to support your fans. Ask them to connect. Just about everywhere and as much as you can.

You have to remember that the flow of things plays a strong role and by doing this at the end you can make it their last thought as to whether or not to follow through. If you do this the whole way through by dropping in references to the fact that you actively network with your peers who often find your through your website then your audience might get the thought in their head that there is a real opportunity here worth looking into.

Here we can find a common set of problems we run into when we try to involve influencers in our networking efforts. Be wary that sometimes the lesser known people and the less popular are far better candidates for your level than something too high up. Are you new to the world of blogging? Guide for Young Bloggers: How Influencers Can Rock or Ruin You don't slip up when you have the chance to make it big.

  1. Be prepared with advice, free ebooks, and purposeful content pieces to share.

Having a couple of tips about being a webmaster never hurts to be able to share. I have had all sorts of people tell me really great stuff about Twitter skills and different products and services that I have used and found to be beneficial.

Free ebooks are awesome because they let you connect even further and at a deeper level. You can include a strong bonding script inside of your likely to be short and free ebook. 5 to 15 pages long plus a cover and possibly a back cover too.

These are really easy to make and really awesome to give away. You can offer it in exchange for an email submission or what I prefer is to give it away completely for free. There are no reservations to take a look when the pdf is embedded into the web browser only one click away.

You are able to show off your strength as a brand and if you are really clever you might think of making an ebook that does a really great job of showing off what you do. You have to remember to include networking calls to action here if you really want to make a strong impression. My best example is a book I wrote on 6 Relationship Building Essentials for Networking With Webmasters. This book very obviously hints towards networking with me assuming the possibilities exist for us in both of our minds.

Naturally what really matters here is that you can connect with the right people in the right way. I have a mostly webmasters audience so I know how to cater to them and it's really easy to think that a visitor could also become a friend. You might be interested in hearing other people's stories, you might offer to interview people who connect with you, you might just really like answering questions and giving advice.

One thing you can do for sure is use this strategy to influence more people to follow you on social networks and build a social connection. In this situation you can tell people that you love getting messages from fans who liked your content and that you are a really friendly person who loves having conversations with people who have similar interests.

Purposeful content pieces to share is a great piece of advice. When you make a friend through being contacted, if you have the chance to refer that person to a page that really makes you stand out in a good way then it might be really meaningful to share. I happen to like to share one piece I wrote that teaches how to create really engaging content. I think it in itself makes for an engaging piece.

You might find these tips to be prepared for to be useful and if you do you might find that they really help.

If you need a go to list with types of examples of content you should be focusing on here then try reading Content Marketing To-Do List – The Importance of Prioritizing and see if it helps give you some more ideas.

  1. Make it easy to connect with you.

Some people prefer lots of different options for connecting through such as skype over email and by offering both I have noticed that more often than not visitors who come off as more professional choose that option.

Let people connect with you on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, any and all other platforms you can think of that might be accessible for you and easy to offer using to connect.

Talk about connecting with you and add your calls to action for networking into your content by saying you are looking for certain things when you've made it really easy to follow through with those mentions. You can say that you are looking for people in the same niche, you can ask people for input, you can say you are looking to connect with your audience.

The way I try to do this best is to let people know I am looking to collaborate with and work with other webmasters to give ourselves stronger projects. When we both have situations where we think we can help each other we find ourselves feeling like we would be missing out on something not to be making the connection.

Where I have seen this being done really way I found that what the webmaster had to offer was listed and clear where I wanted to find it. In each of their posts the added at the end of their content that they are always looking forward to connecting with their audience and receive messages frequently.

Some people use contact pages that let you choose which topic you might most closely be messaging about and here is where you can create strong options that involve networking intention so when you get those types of messages you will know you found and attracted the right people to you.

A good way to start is by making a few clever and great infographics. Popularly known for being shareable infographics are one type of content medium that gives us a powerful chance to hook in other webmasters and to turn them into supporters of your website. Read 10 Simple Steps to Creating Shareable Infographics to get some expertise on one medium you will want to be using so you can target your approach from all angles.


Ask for it nicely... Please?

Beg for it... I mean common! I'm right here I've got you reading my stuff already.

Reel it in... While I don't know that I've got what you need I might have something that suits you.

Don't believe me?

The last and final take home tip is that if it doesn't fit into the content then it very well might fit into the website flow still. This is where the design allows for space to do this with. Between the content and the comments you can put just about anything that didn't need to still count as being part of the content where you can make the impossible happen. You can make a friend just by asking for one. Those friends are the best.

Adam is an Avid Webmaster who enjoys creating content that helps other webmasters develop themselves and their websites while achieving the results they mean to achieve. Adam’s most recently wrote a free ebook called 6 Relationship Building Essentials for Networking With Webmasters, check it out. Find him on Twitter or at his website.

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