20 Amazing Tips Which Will Help your Personal Brand Grow on Social Media

/ February 6, 2019 | 7 Mins Read

20 Amazing Tips Which Will Help your Personal Brand Grow on Social Media

Do you want your personal brand to grow on social media? If yes, here's a blog that enumerates 20 tips which will help your personal brand grow on social media.

Before social media took over our lives and changed the way we perform our daily activities, businessmen and professionals alike could market to and influence a limited group of people. These included personal contacts or people with whom they interacted on a daily basis. But that has totally changed now, thanks to social media platforms.

In the current scenario, anybody can develop a personal brand, market it globally and make a significant impact on the industry. But establishing the credibility of your brand will take time and so will the growth of an audience and a loyal fan base. You cannot achieve such success overnight. Yet, it is not a point of concern.

Planning and marketing your through social media can prove to be a very cost-effective and versatile scheme which will help your personal brand grow on social media. Even if you are a startup or small business owner, you can easily become a force to be reckoned with in your field, if you can constantly make unique, meaningful and useful contributions to your audience.

In case of a limited marketing budget, it is all the more important to spend it in the way which allows you to get the most for the money which you are going to spend. It’s important that you spend it wisely to get the most for your money.

Utilize the following helpful tips to build and grow your personal brand on social media platforms:

1. First and foremost, research your niche

First and foremost, research your niche

Choose and commit to a niche which you’re familiar with. It has to be something which you would love to work on but at the same time it has to be something which you can easily handle. Ask yourself what you want to be known for? What edge do you have that will help you stand beside the big names in your industry?

Once you have researched and figured out the answers to such questions, you will become an expert of your particular niche and will be ready for the next step.

2. Attend Industry Conferences or Stay Home

Attend Industry Conferences or Stay Home

People greatly overvalue the benefits of speaking at conferences. Generally, the people who attend large industry conference will only remember the top 2% to 5% of sessions. The rest will be forgotten.

You need to be great. If you aren't reasonably confident that you'll be among the top presentations, it may be better to not bother.

Put together great presentations and improve your presentation skills through webinars or at local free events, where expectations are much lower. Become great. Learn by watching the best speakers in your industry, and by recording and watching your own sessions.

3. Invest in Yourself

Effective branding does not come free. If you want to grow your brand, it will be wise to invest something in to your career and brand. That requires that you pay for the important stuff instead of relying on free services or tools. You may consider:

  • If you’re going to update content on social media daily then hire an editor for proofreading and correction of the content
  • Getting help or assistance in graphic design for your brand logo and page.
  • Invest in a good book that will help you learn a new skill

4. Become A Dependable Brand Ambassador

To become a popular and credible ambassador for your brand, you will need to religiously publish articles. Moreover, taking part in speaking engagements can help your brand a lot. You can gain good exposure by partnering with organizations which are similar to your brand. Contact these organizations for speaking engagements, which in turn will help you promote a shared mission.

5. Befriend Existing Influencers

Befriend Existing Influencers

You can start by researching for the top influencers in your industry and make a list. Do not focus only on what they can do for you instead think about how you can benefit them and attract their attention. You can start by sharing the content of their blogs and commenting on those blog posts. You could even promote their books.

6. Determine The Actual Value Which You'll Be Contributing

Though it is easy to promote and grow your brand utilizing the numerous social media platforms available, initially it’s important to determine the perceived value of your offerings. You need to be adding value and betterment to truly be considered as an influencer. Self-promotion without contributing value can impact your influence negatively.

7. Step Into Your Audience’s Shoes

A fundamental rule of personal branding is to remain consistent, engaging and to do exactly what you expect of others. If you are aspire to build a memorable personal brand, then your prime objective will be to magnify the values of your brand. And these are the same which you’ll be campaigning in front of your audience. Thus, “Practice what you preach”.

8. Google Yourself And Your Brand For Valuable Insight

It is truly enlightening and educating to find out, what your clients and potential clients see when they search for you online. Google yourself and your brand and based on the results, devise a plan to increase your visibility if that is what is lacking. You’ll also be able to determine, where you need to spend your time and resources. This is by far one of the best ways to grab the attention of your target audience.

9. Your Brand Should Represent Your True Voice

A lot of people on social media try to fake their brands and capabilities. This is evident when you observe what they are doing and tells a lot about the brand.

To avoid giving the wrong impressions and losing customers, you need to find your true voice. Dig deep inside and also ask around, consult experts, clients and friends to help them show you your one unique and true value which they can see better than you. Your brand needs to represent your true version and not vice versa.

10. Realize And Accept Your Limitations

Most of us, are often impressed by the seemingly perfect nature of influential people. When in reality we don’t need to uptight about are flaws all the time. It is acceptable and even brave to share occasionally, your experiences from times when you were not at your best.

Telling your audience that you are after all just human will build trust and they will connect with your honesty. You make them realize that if you can triumph over challenges then they can do it too. You will not be able to influence people who don’t trust you.

11. Ensure A 'Return On Investment' For Engaging With Your Brand

Your brand will be your representation and it is how the world will see you. For your brand to be truly attractive promising your audience the return on investment (ROI) is critical. You need to work on the uniqueness of your brand so that people instantly know what they will be getting by engaging with your brand and are attracted to its qualities.

12. Project And Market Your Brand In Everyday Life           

One of the best ways to develop your brand is to adapt and represent it in everyday situations. You can do this while ordering at a restaurant, at the grocery store or even when you’re at the airport. It is easy to confidently present your brand in front of employers or prospective clients.

By projecting your brand in everyday life, you're making a first impression for everyone you meet and probably gaining your future customer.

13. Consistently Produce And Deliver Useful Content

Consistently delivery of content that is both strategic and useful for your target audience will establish the influence of your brand. Presenting video content through your social media channels grabs instant attention for your personal brand.

14. Match Your Brand And Your Current Organization      

You can also drive your brand if instead of searching for the right idea, you focus on the opportunities readily available at your own workplace. You should align your personal brand with your organization. You can support and market your brand by being proactive at your current workplace.

You can start by offering to write content for your company's newsletter or magazine. You should be on the lookout for opportunities where you can contribute to a well-known industry-aligned publication. This way you will be creating value for both your brand and organization simultaneously.

15. Attempt To Become The No. 1 Of Your Industry

It is necessary for your brand to be distinct and recognized to stand out amongst the numerous similar brands in your industry. One of the best ways to attain such a status is to dominate a particular category of your industry and then market yourself as the primary expert of that category. You need to specialize instead of being all the things to all the people, to truly be No. 1 in your category.

16. Be More of A Listener Than A Talker

Be More of A Listener Than A Talker

Listening more than the other brands is an important differentiator, a great quality and the main habit of most top influencers. It is a golden rule; if you’re talking then you’re not listening. Listening carefully and absorbing knowledge means you’re learning and that you will not end up saying something which you will really regret.

17. See Everything From Your Brand’s Perspective

If you are truly loyal to your brand and it is defining who you are and what your style is, if it tells what makes you unique then you should always view everything from your brand’s perspective. This means taking on things which may even be out of your area of specialization.

18. Deal With Negativity Sensibly

You cannot avoid mean, negative and racist comments on social media. The key here is to stay calm and take your time before replying to negative comments.

You need to respond sensibly and at the same time maintain a strong voice without being mean. This way people will know exactly who you are and what your brand is about. Though it’s interesting to note that negative comments actually help to boost the number of views which your videos on social media will get.

19. Do Not Try To Outdo The Trolls

Trolls on social media are powered only by the responses which their negative comments get. You can block and report individuals who are too negative instead of just deleting their petty comments.

20. Going Viral Is Not As Good As It Sounds

When it comes to making videos for social media to introduce or promote your brand, you may have topics which you can handle expertly to increase the chances of your video going viral. But you must remember that it is impossible to predict what actually will go viral. Your video may be viral today and totally forgotten tomorrow.


So if you have gone through the tips thoroughly you realize that hard work is the key. Start from scratch, create your brand after doing the required research.

Stay consistent and keep building your brand until you are well known in your industry. But do not, in any case, stop the hard work when your content goes viral. Continue the efforts and keep uploading helpful content.

Justin have been professionally writing for digital marketing since years. The mutual interest in digital marketing and writing took me here, where I opt for writing as a profession. My articles are not bound by any form but confide the latest trends and happenings of digital marketing and the ways SEO is tackling it. To stay connected with what’s latest, my posts are a great help.  

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