Step-By-Step Guide to Add Social Proof to Your WordPress Website

/ April 20, 2019 | 4 Mins Read

Step-By-Step Guide to Add Social Proof to Your WordPress Website

The effect of giving social proof is real and something you should hit because people are more likely to buy when they notice the evidence that your product is reliable from others.

If you’re creating a website for your business, then you know the amount of effort and time that goes into designing one. It takes a lot of planning to successfully convert the traffic generated by the visitors on your website into leads or customers.

Many people just browse through products online to kill time. Additionally, people still believe that buying products online is a bit unreliable. Unlike buying a product from a physical store the internet doesn’t let you test the product before buying.  

There are several different techniques businesses can use to facilitate the buying process. One of the most effective techniques a business can use is “social proof”. With the advent of the social proof concept, marketers can now attract a lot more buyers.

What Is Social Proof?

The formal definition of social proof simply states that proofing is a psychological phenomenon. People will follow conventional behavior more readily than unconventional behavior. This means that they’ll make the same decision others do, assuming that it is the correct way to behave.

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Marketers can take advantage of social proof. It can massively help negate any major worries that customers have when buying online. When making online buying decisions, people rely on product reviews more than anything. It’s a part of human nature to trust other humans.

One of the biggest problems with online buying is a simple fact that people simply do not trust product descriptions. Regardless of what the company may write, readers will still gravitate towards product reviews.

The natural instinct to mistrust the company itself is what makes online buying decisions so complicated. With the existence of social proof, however, marketers can virtually eliminate all customer uneasiness.

You may have gone through the social proof experience without noticing it. If you ever visit a website and a pop-up notification tells you that someone else is buying a product, then this is social proof. Once the customer notices that others are also buying a specific product from the website, they become more comfortable with purchasing from the website.

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It facilitates more buyers as it converts them from simply being visitors to actual customers. The process seems incredibly simple, but it is very effective as people are incredibly tentative when making buying decisions.

How to Add Social Proof to WordPress Website?

WordPress is an incredibly powerful and efficient web development tool. Its existence makes getting social proof on your website much easier. There’s no need to hire an individual or company that specializes in WordPress website development services. WordPress is an open-source application, meaning contributors from around the world can help you.

The help comes in the form of various plugins that you can download. These plugins are free to use and several social proof plugins already exist in the WordPress market.

One such plugin you can make use of is ProveSource.


Proven is a plugin that easily integrates social proof onto your WordPress website. It allows you to see how many visits your website receives, items that people have bought recently and reviews. Furthermore, it allows you to customize your notifications to suit your aesthetic. The Plugin is free to use, but paid plans do exist that give you more features. Once you download Proven, the next step is setting up the plugin.

1. Installation

The installation process is fairly simple. In the newer WordPress, you can easily add in plugins from the login server. To install the plugin, sign in to your server and click on the Plugins tab. Once you open the plugin tab, you’ll see the option to add a new plugin. Pressing the new tab takes you into your plugin Archive. Look for Proven in the archive and simply press Install.  

Proven is a paid service and requires you to activate it using the license key. Simply select Proven from your plugins archive and go into its settings. Find the license key box and copy/paste the license key you receive and you’re good to go.

2. Starting with Proven

To start making use of Social Proof, you need to create your first notifications. Creating a notification is fairly simple. Go to Proven and click on add new. Clicking on new takes you to the notification creation page. This page will allow you to create notifications. Proven gives you the option to pick from several E-commerce website software. Additionally, you can also customize what type of sale you’re going to show as a notification.

Furthermore, Proven enables you to add links to your notifications to visit a specific page. A slightly corrupt yet incredibly useful feature is the ability to add manual entries. The manual entry mode allows you to create fake notifications that’ll show up if you don’t have a lot of sales yet. It may be unethical, but could also help launch your website successfully.

3. Customize Notification Behavior

Proven’s behavior section allows you to adjust your notifications. You can choose exactly which pages the notifications will appear for. Moreover, the section allows you to select exactly what platforms the notifications show themselves on. It also allows you to select which side of the webpage your notifications will appear on.

4. Customize Notification Design

Proven’s appearance section is the place where you can easily change the appearance of your notifications. Doing as such will allow all your notifications to match the aesthetic of your website. Additionally, you can change the way each update appears and whether the update transitions in or drops in.

All these steps are something you can easily do yourself. The accessibility of WordPress eliminates the need for any sort of specialized Wordpress website development services.

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